On 28 October 2015 the Ministers of science, technology and innovation of the BRICS countries signed the Moscow Declaration that reflects key areas of cooperation for the mid-term perspective. The Declaration established the joint Research and Innovation Networking Platform to provide for a coordinated approach of BRICS to five thematic areas of science and technology cooperation, each of BRICS countries being responsible for one of these areas. Each of the BRICS countries then undertakes activities aimed at strengthening BRICS cooperation in its thematic area; Russia being responsible for “Water resources and pollution treatment”. To this end, Russia, among other activities, has already organized two water forums in order to fulfill its obligations in this priority thematic area with a view to discuss sustainable water resources use and related advanced solutions.

Second BRICS Water Forum was held in Moscow in 2016. The event gathered over 400 participants from the BRICS countries, as well as from 13 other countries and international organizations. Materials are available here.

The aim of this International conference is to present and discuss the sustainable water use and management solutions. The expected outcomes of the conference are:

  • Strengthen the common water resources community of BRICS researchers and experts;
  • Report on existing opportunities to undertake joint research and development, as well as technology transfer to address the needs of the water and related sectors.


  • Until June 30, 2020 – Registration for participation in thematic sessions with a presentation

    To take part in a thematic session with a presentation, please complete the registration form and submit thesis of the presentation.

    Thesis of the presentation (up to 3 pages, 12 fonts, 1,5 spaces, in English) should contain the topic of the presentation, goal and tasks of the presentation, key research methods used and research or practical outcomes. Selected papers may be invited to special issues of Scopus-indexed 'Water Resources' and 'Foresight and STI Governance' journals.

    Participants from foreign countries other than BRICS may apply to take part in thematic sessions as 'invited speakers'. It is expected that their presentations would not only focus on one of nine specific thematic areas, but also address BRICS water resources issues.      

  • Until July 10, 2020 – Registration for participation in poster sessions

    Preliminary requirements to presentations at thematic sessions: the presentation should be in line with the submitted thesis/abstract; the speakers should visualize their presentations (such as by showing slides compatible with MS Office).

    To take part in a poster session, please complete the registration form and attach supporting materials. Please use the poster template and print it in A1 format. The poster should include the materials that visualize the outcomes of your research or suggested technological solutions.

  • Until July 10, 2020 – Registration for participants who would like to attend the conference without presentation

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Nikolay Lobachevsky Scientific Library of the Kazan Federal University.

Address: 35, Kremlevskaya street, 420111, Kazan.

The venue is located at the city center, 8 min walk (750 m) from the nearest 'Ploschad Tukaya' metro station (metro map).

Organizing Commitee

  • Phone:
    +7 (495) 772 95 90,
    ext. 124-95