Special workshop ‘Technological Upgrading’

13 November

YouTube live stream recording


Dirk Meissner

Head of the HSE ISSEK Laboratory for Economics of Innovation


Keun Lee

Professor of Economics at the Seoul National University, South Korea

Economics of Technological Leapfrogging
Jeong Dong Lee

Professor of cScience and Telecommunications at Seoul National University, South Korea

Middle Innovation Trap: Capability Transition Failure and Stalled Economic Growth
Slavo Radosevich

Professor of Industry and Innovation Studies at University College London, UK

Technology Upgrading in Emerging Economies: A New Approach to its Measurement, Results and Relationship to Mainstream Measures
Nicholas Vonortas

Leading Research Fellow at HSE ISSEK Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies; George Washington University, USA

Macro and Micro Foundations for Technology Upgrading and Innovation: A Case Study
Sandrine Kergroach

Deputy Head of Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities Division, OECD

Benchmarking the National Innovation Policy Mix
Mario Cervantes

Senior Economist in the Science and Technology Policy Division, OECD

Policy Needs for Measuring and Monitoring International STI Co-operation
Vitaliy Roud

Deputy Head of the HSE ISSEK Laboratory for Economics of Innovation

Heterogenity of Innovation Strategies — Impact on Innovation Policies