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Areas of activities:


  • Advancement of theory, methodology and practices of statistical measurements in the areas of STI, Education, and Information Society

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Centre for Statistics and Monitoring of S&T and Innovation
Centre for Statistics and Monitoring of Education
Centre for Statistics and Monitoring of Information Society

  • Analysis of trends in STI, Education and Information Society in Russia and abroad, international comparisons
  • Elaboration of theories, models, and implementation of empirical studies: special monitoring research, statistical, sociological and expert research

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Centre for Business Tendency Studies
Monitoring of Global Technology Trends
Innovation Activities of the Innovation Process Actors Monitoring Project
Monitoring of Education Markets and Organizations
Monitoring of Knowledge-Intensive Business Services in Russia
Monitoring of the Labor Market for Highly Qualified R&D Personnel
Monitoring Survey of Innovative Behavior of the Population
Monitoring the Business Climate for the Real and Service Sector Enterprises

  • Research on making and implementation of public STI policy, development of mechanisms and tools for evidence-based STI policy

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Centre for S&T, Innovation and Information Policies
Laboratory for Economics of Innovation

  • Long-term forecasting (Foresight) and setting priorities for STI and socio-economic development on federal, regional, sectoral and corporate level
  • Elaboration of strategies, programmes, roadmaps of innovation-based development for companies, sectors and regions

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Research laboratory for Science and Technology Studies

  • Methodological and organisational support to Russian technology platforms and regional innovation clusters
  • Design and development of information-analytical and knowledge formalization systems. Socio-economic data processing systems.

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Centre for Socio-Economic Information Processing


Expertise and consultancy for public authorities

  • Advancing national statistics, methodological support to federal statistical surveys in STI, Education, and Information Society
  • Foresight of STI development in the Russian Federation
  • Providing recommendations for STI policy-making
  • Measuring business climate and assessing economic trends in various sectors

ISSEK has contributed to the development of the following federal and sub-national documents:

  • Recommendations for the Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation until 2020 (in the framework of the expert group «Transition from Stimulating Innovation to the Innovation-based Growth»)
  • Strategy for Innovation-based Development of the Russian Federation until 2020
  • State programmes of the Russian Federation «Development of Science and Technology» and «Development of Education»
  • Strategy for Development of Science and Innovation in the Russian Federation until 2015
  • Concept for the Long-term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation until 2020
  • Concept for the Long-term Foresight of Science and Technology in the Russian Federation until 2025
  • Strategy for Social and Economic Development of Moscow City until 2025
  • Strategy for Social and Economic Development of Samara region until 2030, etc.


International activities

  • Organizational, information and consultative support to participation of Russian universities and research organizations in the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development
  • Providing cooperation between Russian Federation and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Participation in expert groups for international organisations (OECD, European Commission, Eurostat, UNESCO, UNIDO, et al.)
  • Support of Russian academic team participation in European framework programmes (FP7 National contact centers)
  • Management of international projects
  • Creation of international laboratories; implementation of international research projects
  • Establishing partnerships and implementing joint projects with leading international organizations, research centres and universities
  • Organization of international conferences
  • Participation in editorial boards for international journals

See more:
The Centre for International Projects
The International Centre for the Promotion of Mobility of Researchers, Students and Postgraduates
National Contact Point INCO
Centre for cooperation with the OECD




Educational activity

Master's Programme 'Governance of Science, Technology, and Innovation'

Developed and taught courses for graduate and post-graduate students:

  • Socio-economic analysis of STI (in English)
  • Strategies and policies for STI (in English)
  • Long-term S&T Foresight
  • STI Statistics
  • Innovation Management 
Master-classes and training on forecasting, Foresight studies and strategic management for companies, universities and research organizations.

·       Development of statistical databooks


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