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    Department for Financial Management


Centre for Statistics and Monitoring of S&T and Innovation


Centre for S&T, Innovation and Information Policies
      Research Laboratory for Economics of Innovation


International Research and Educational Foresight Centre
      Research Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies


Centre for Science and Technology Foresight


Centre for Industrial Market Studies and Business Strategies


Centre for Strategies and Programmes


Centre for Industrial Policy


Centre 'Russian Cluster Observatory'


Digital Economics Centre


Centre for Investment Analysis


Centre for Business Tendencies Studies


Centre for Statistics and Monitoring of Information Society and Digital Economics


Centre for Labour and Earnings Statistics


Centre for Statistics and Monitoring of Education


Centre for Strategic Analysis and Big Data


Centre for Socio-Economic Information Processing


Centre for Industry and Corporate Projects


Centre for International Projects


National Contact Centre for International Academic Mobility


Competence Centre for Cooperation with International Organisations


Department of Educational Programmes


Foresight and STI Governance journal


Centre for Processing Social and Economic Information
    Editorial and Publishing Department


Information and Analysis Unit (Website editorial staff)



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