Session 1 ‘Post-COVID Future: What Foresight Can Tell Us’

9 November, 15:00 — 16:20

YouTube live stream recording


Leonid Gokhberg

First Vice Rector of HSE University and ISSEK Director


Kuniko Urashima

Deputy Director of Foresight Centre, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Japan

Impact of COVID-19 on Technology Realization Time
Jennifer Cassingena Harper

Consultant at Council for Science & Technology, Malta

The Role of Foresight in Addressing the EU Green Deal
Yulia Milshina

Senior Research Fellow at the HSE ISSEK Foresight Centre

Global Trends: How the World Will Change after the Pandemic
Anastasia Belostotskaya

Associate Director of Scenarios and Special Projects, World Energy Council

How to Better Recover from Crisis: Supporting Energy Leaders with Foresight Insights and Tools