Foresight and STI Governance no 1, 2017

The new issue of Foresight and STI Governance presents various aspects of the corporate sector’s innovation-based development: approaches to conducting Foresight studies, market evaluation of research-intensive companies, intellectual capital’s impact on firms’ performance. International experts assess the prospects for transboundary academic cooperation in the context of global geopolitical processes, and propose an “intelligent leadership” model for state universities.

Global Technology Trends

The publication presents results of the project “Global Technology Trends Monitoring” being implemented by the HSE ISSEK as a part of HSE Basic Research Programme. The objective of the project is to identify key trends in S&T with the potentials of significant impact on social and economic development across the globe and in Russia.


10 May 2017

“We’ve Already Taken 3 Tons of Paper for Recycling and Reduced Total Waste in Landfills”

Katerina Shipilova graduates from the HSE Master’s programme “Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation” this year. And she already has her own business — a waste paper collection company called MK Service. In the following interview, Katerina speaks about how Master’s studies motivated her to start her own business, and about the specifics of the recycling industry.

5 May 2017

How to Manage Complexity?

The knowledge acquired at the English-language Master's programme of the Higher School of Economics “Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation” allows to launch new value chains, create knowledge-intensive businesses, and open new markets, in general, the power of science changes reality. During the Open-Door Day, the prospective students discovered what is needed to be considered for this programme and to realise the maximum potential of the programme.