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Foresight and STI Governance no 2, 2019

The new issue of the Foresight and STI Governance journal is devoted to the impact of technological progress on employment prospects and the development of competencies. This problem is viewed from the perspective of employees, companies and regions.

Alina Sorgner
Technological Development, Changes on Labor Markets, and Demand for Skills

New Technologies and Future of Jobs

Frenk Fossen, Alina Sorgner 
Mapping the Future of Occupations: Transformative and Destructive Effects of New Digital Technologies on Jobs

Yaroslav KuzminovPavel SorokinIsak Froumin
Generic and Specific Skills as Components of Human Capital: New Challenges for Education Theory and Practice

Alina Lavrynenko, Natalia Shmatko
Twenty-First Century Skills in Finance: Prospects for a Profound Job Transformation

Ina Krause
Coworking Spaces: Windows to the Future of Work? Changes in the Organizational Model of Work and the Attitudes of the Younger Generation

The Demand for Skills: Local Strategies

Michael Fritsch, Michael Wyrwich
Regional Emergence of Start-Ups in Information Technologies: The Role of Knowledge, Skills and Opportunities

Marta Getts
The Industry 4.0 Induced Agility and New Skills in Clusters

Stepan Zemtsov, Vera Barinova, Roza Semenova
The Risks of Digitalization and the Adaptation of Regional Labor Markets in Russia

Future Skills Development

Hillary Swanson, Allan Collins
Learning to Theorize in a Complex and Changing World

Dzhamilya AbuzyarovaVeronika BelousovaZhaklin KrayushkinaYuliya Lonshchikova, Ekaterina Nikiforova, Nikolay Chichkanov
The Role of Human Capital in Science, Technology and Innovation


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