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Director — First Vice Rector Leonid Gokhberg
Deputy Director Alexander Sokolov
Academic Secretary Natalya Solovyeva
Assistant to Vice Rector Viktoria Grishina
Assistant to Vice Rector Natalia Splyukhina
Chief Specialist Tatiana Borisikhina
Leading Engineer Irina Popova
Research Assistant Daria Pavlova

Department for Financial Management
Department Head Svetlana Malchenko
Deputy Department Head Irina Kobinek
Engineer Natalia Rozhkova

Centre for Statistics and Monitoring of Education

Director of the Centre  Natalia Kovaleva
Deputy Director Nikolay Shugal
Leading Expert Dinara Borodina
Leading Expert Elena Sautina

Department for Monitoring of Education Economy
Department Head Natalia Bondarenko
Leading Engineer Evgenia Maramygina
Department for Sociological Studies
Analyst Dina Migunova
Research Assistant Alina Kadyrova
Department for Statistics of Education
Department Head Olga Ozerova
Department for Human Capital Research
Department Head Natalya Shmatko
Chief Research Fellow Yurij Kachanov
Research Assistant Galina Volkova

Centre for Statistics and Monitoring of S&T and Innovation

Director of the Centre Irina Kuznetsova
Deputy Director Konstantin Fursov
Chief Analyst Larisa Rosovetskaya
Chief Expert Irina Tarasenko
Chief Expert Tatyana Ratay
Chief Expert Svetlana Fridlyanova

Department for Statistics of Science
Department Head Svetlana Martynova
Expert Irina Varzanovtseva
Expert Kirill Ditkovsky
Expert Evgenia Evnevich
Department for Research of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer
Department Head Galina Sagieva
Unit for Analysis of R&D Performance
Senior Research Fellow Ekaterina Streltsova
Research Fellow Valentina Polyakova

Centre for Statistics and Monitoring of Information Society

Director of the Centre Gulnara Abdrakhmanova
Deputy Director  Anton Suslov
Chief Expert Galina Kovaleva
Analyst Marina Kevesh

Centre for Labour and Earnings Statistics

Director of the Centre Zinaida Ryzhikova
Junior Research Fellow Anna Demyanova

Centre for S&T, Innovation and Information Policies

Director of the Centre Tatiana Kuznetsova
Deputy Director Mikhail Gershman
Research Fellow Sergey Bredikhin
Research Fellow Inga Ivanova
Leading Expert Yuri Denisov
Leading Expert Alexey Pomyalov
Leading Expert Daria Filatova
Research Assistant Dmitry Plekhanov
Research Laboratory for Economics of Innovation
Laboratory Head Ian Miles
Deputy Laboratory Head Dirk Meissner
Deputy Laboratory Head Vitaliy Roud
Leading Research Fellow Jan Kratzer
Leading Research Fellow Tugrul Daim
Leading Research Fellow Thomas Thurner
Leading Research Fellow Stanislav Zaichenko
Research Fellow Valeria Vlasova
Research Fellow Ahmet Demir
Junior Research Fellow Alena Nefedova
Research Assistant Yuliya Dolgopolova
Research Assistant Аlevtina Repina
Research Assistant Elena Sevbitova
Manager  Olga Maximova
Department for Strategic Foresight
Department Head Sergey Shashnov
Deputy Head Anna Grebenyuk

Department for Science Policy
Department Head Galina Kitova
Leading Expert Vitaly Dementiev

International Research and Educational Foresight Centre

Director of the Centre Alexander Sokolov
Deputy Director Alexander Chulok
Senior Research Fellow  Natalia Veselitskaya
Senior Research Fellow  Yulia Milshina
Research Fellow Marina Klubova
Chief Expert Oleg Ena
Chief Expert Vadim Shokhin
Leading Expert Elena Myazina
Expert Irina Loginova
Research Assistant Efrosiniia Karatetskaia
Research Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies
Laboratory Head Jonathan Linton
Deputy Laboratory Head Ozcan Saritas
Leading Research Fellow Nicholas Vonortas
Leading Research Fellow Jonathan Calof
Leading Research Fellow Liliana Proskuryakova
Leading Research Fellow Rainer Harms
Senior Research Fellow Konstantin Vishnevskiy
Senior Research Fellow Anna Sokolova
Junior Research Fellow Ilia Kuchin
Research Assistant Alina Roman
Research Assistant Julia Turovets

Centre for Science and Technology Foresight

Director, Leading Research Fellow Alexander Chulok
Deputy Director Yadviga Radomirova
Senior Research Fellow Nikita Krupenskiy
Expert Kucherov Andrey

Centre for Industry and Corporate Projects

Director of the Centre Vladimir Salun
Deputy Director Anastasia Nazarenko
Leading Analyst Dmitry Uzlov

Project Management Unit
Department Head  Lubov Matich
Leading Expert Alexey Puzankov
Leading Expert Alexander Snegirev
Expert Daniil Botman

Information and Analytical Systems Unit

Department Head Ilya Kuzminov
Deputy Head Pavel Bakhtin
Deputy Head Marina Klubova
Expert Aleksandr Aleshkevich
Expert Olesya Majbah
Expert Julia Isaeva 
Expert Polina Lobanova
Expert Andrej Materuhin
Expert Yaroslav Sergienko
Laboratory Assistant  Anton Timofeev 
Research Assistant Cao Czin 

Centre for Industrial Market Studies and Business Strategies

Director of the Centre Alexey Bereznoy
Deputy Director Marina Grin

Quantitative Modelling Unit
Department Head Yury Dranev
Research Fellow Maxim Kotsemir
Leading Expert Ilia Kuchin

Unit for Intellectual Services Market Research
Department Head Veronika Belousova
Research Fellow Nikolay Chichkanov
Research Assistant Zhaklin Krayushkina
Research Assistant Dmitry Leshchuk

Centre for Industrial Policy

Deputy Director of the Centre  Nina Minyaeva 
Research Assistant Kirill Tyurchev
Research Assistant Marina Shirobokova

Centre for Innovation Policy Studies
Senior Research Fellow Vasily Abashkin
Leading Expert Sergey Artemov
Expert Daniil Maksimenko

Cluster Policy Unit
Department Head Evgeniy Kutsenko
Research Fellow Ekaterina Islankina
Research Assistant Elena Popova

Centre for Strategies and Programmes

Director of the Centre Pavel Rudnik
Leading Expert Tamara Zinina 

Analytical Unit
Department Head Sofya Chernogorceva
Сhief Expert Boris Syomin
Analyst Vasiliy Kuzminov

Unit for Digital Economy Studies
Department Head Konstantin Vishnevskiy
Research Fellow Nadezda Mikova
Junior Research Fellow Elena Khabirova
Expert Maria Tokareva
Expert Julia Turovets

Centre for Investment Analysis

Director of the Centre Mihail Karasev
Deputy Director  Eugenia Zusman
Expert Andrey Rachkov
Expert Nataliya Tolstyh
Leading Analyst Tatiana Kolesnikova

Centre for Business Tendencies Studies

Director of the Centre Georgy Ostapkovich
Deputy Director  Ludmila Kitrar
Deputy Director  Inna Lola
Leading Expert Irina Kulikova
Leading Expert Zhanna Lukashina
Leading Expert Tamara Lipkind
Leading Analyst Olga Pakhomova
Leading Analyst Natalya Kudryashova
Leading Analyst Elena Kuznetsova
Analyst Murat Bakeev

Centre for International Projects

Director of the Centre Anna Pikalova

National Centre for International Academic Mobility

Director of the Centre Liliana Proskuryakova
Leading Expert Elena Nasybulina

Information and Coordination Centre for Cooperation with OECD

Director of the Centre Tatyana Meshkova
Deputy Director  Elena Sabelnikova
Leading Expert Olga Demidkina
Leading Expert Vladimir Izotov
Research Assistant Alexandra Malakhova

Department of Educational Programmes

Department Head, associate professor Veronika Belousova
Programme Academic Supervisor, professor Dirk Meissner
Manager Dzhamilya Abuzyarova
Manager  Julia Lonshhikova  

Centre for Socio-Economic Information Processing

Director of the Centre Elena Nechaeva
Deputy Director  Aleksandr Aleksandrovskij
Department for Statistical Information
Department Head Oksana Mayorova
Chief Specialist Tatyana Magala
Department for Information Systems
Leading Expert Gleb Kuzmin
Analyst Maria Kovrigina
Engineer Denis Martynov
Research Assistant Viktoriya Ignatova

Editorial and Publishing Department
Department Head  Irina Skorodumova
Chief Specialist Diana Beylina
Chief Specialist Maria Sokolova
Leading Engineer  Veronika Parshina
Leading Engineer  Vladimir Puchkov
Senior Laboratory Assistant  Tatyana Koltsova
Manager  Oleg Egin

Design Unit
Department Head Oleg Vasilyev
Leading Designer Pavel Shelegeda
Designer Galina Podzolkova
Foresight and STI Governance journal 
Leading Expert Marina Boykova
Leading Expert Yakov Ohonko
Leading Expert Natalia Gavrilicheva
Chief Specialist Mikhail Salazkin

Information and Analysis Unit

Head of Unit Elena Gutaruk
Analyst  Irina Agapova 


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