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Centre for Statistics and Monitoring of S&T and Innovation

Director of the Center

Irina Kuznetsova

The Centre for Statistics and Monitoring of S&T and Innovation develops indicators and statistical methodology as well as arranging data collection for R&D and innovation in compliance with international standards. The Centre’s experts analyse S&T human resources, fixed assets and information. Analysis of innovation activity in industry and the service sector and the identification of factors for the dynamic development of innovation economy are essential elements of the Centre’s research agenda. It studies domestic and international patenting, technology markets and the technology balance of payments and elaborates policy recommendations on the assessment and analysis of intellectual property issues and legal frameworks for their creation and commercialisation.

Key research projects:

National statistical surveys (annually):



Advanced manufacturing technology

Technology exports / imports

Trends and indicators

Comparative analysis with OECD countries

Institutional reforms of the public S&T sector

Institutional and legal framework for a National Research Centre

Integration of science and universities

Evaluation of research organizations

Legal framework / tax incentives for innovation in industry

National innovation systems in BRICS countries

S&T Development in the Russian Market Economy (TACIS)


The staff of the Center develop methodology for statistics of science and technology and innovation, particularly based on the methodological approaches used in the EU and other countries.

The Center prepares and publishes annual statistical bulletins, such as Science Indicators, Indicators of Innovative Activityand Science. Innovations. Information Society in Russian and English. In addition to this, the Center regularly participates in the publication of various statistical brochures by the Federal State Statistics Service.

In 2011 a pilot issue of the analytical report Russian Innovation Index was prepared which included evaluations of the situation in the Russian national innovation system compared with leading foreign countries.

In order to provide international comparisons of the level of development of scientific developments and innovative activity in Russia and OECD and EU countries, the staff of the Center annually calculate the appropriate indicators and complete the following international statistical questionnaires:

-         Joint questionnaire by OECD and Eurostat, OECD module and Eurostat module;

-         Eurostat questionnaire CIS-light (innovations).



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