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International research and educational Foresight centre

    Director of the Centre

    Alexander Sokolov

    Tenured Professor


The Centre develops Foresight methodology and performs future studies in S&T, innovation and socioeconomic area. The Centre is a strategic partner of international organisations, research centres and universities for performing Foresight studies. Its Advisory Board (Chairman — Professor Luke Georgiou, Vice-President at the University of Manchester, UK) involves leading international scholars. The Centre’s experts database consists of over ten thousand leading Russian and international experts. The Centre actively interacts with public officials, CEOs of large and medium enterprises, business associations, civil society organisations. It applies advanced project management techniques. Among the Centre’s outcomes are:

  • Long-term Foresight studies and roadmaps for promising S&T areas, innovation markets and products, sectors of economy, and Russia’s regions  

  • Methodology and organisation of activities for the development and revision of Priority S&T areas and the list of Critical Technologies of the Russian Federation

  • Innovation-based development programmes for large companies

  • Strategic foresight, technology roadmaps and technology audit for largest Russian companies

  • Foresight studies and roadmaps for various sectors of economy and product groups (power generation, aircraft industry, shipbuilding, electronics, ICT and mass-media, space industry, space navigation, nanotechnology, catalysts, composite materials, LEDs et al)

The Research Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies was created in the structure of the Centre in November 2010 under the supervision of Jean Guinet, former Head of Country Studies and Outlook Division of the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry. The Laboratory is aimed at undertaking Foresight and STI policy studies. Since 2014 Professor Jonathan Linton, Power Corporation Professor for the Management of Technological Enterprise of the University of Ottawa, Canada, and Editor-in-Chief of the Technovation journal, has been appointed as the new Head of the HSE Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies.

The key research areas are

  • Methods and instruments for analysis of science and technology and related policies (Foresight, bibliometric and patent analysis, etc.)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of STI policies (global trends, Grand Challenges, priorities, instruments, etc.)


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