Session 3 ‘Foresight: Future Trends and Disruptions’

10 November

YouTube live stream recording


Philip Shapira

Professor of Innovation Management and Policy at University of Manchester, UK


Matthias Weber

Head of Center for Innovation Systems and Policy at Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria

Take or Shape: Policy Governance and Foresight Modes to Address Transformation Processes
Ilya Kuzminov

Director of the HSE ISSEK Centre for Strategic Analysis and Big Data

Total and Humane Digital Transparency: Digital Technologies of the Future, Explainable AI and Yottabyte Big Data for Human Right Sensitive Controllability in Society of Ever-increasing Complexity
Jose Cordeiro

Director of the Millennium Project, USA

COVID-19 Scenarios
Attila Havas

Senior Research Fellow at Institute of Economics of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

Science-society Interactions in the European Union: Different Futures and Their Radically Different Implications