Special workshop ‘Being Human and Anticipation in the 21st Century’

12 November

YouTube live stream recording


Ozcan Saritas

Head of the HSE ISSEK Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies


Sarah Cheah

Associate Professor at National University of Singapore, Singapore

Robotics Development in Singapore
Vasily Klucharev

Director of the HSE Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience

Brain-computer Interfaces (BCIs) and Human Evolution
Anna Yuryevna Grebenyuk

Deputy Head of the HSE ISSEK Department for Strategic Foresight

Key Trends for Health Technology Development
Banu Onaral

H. H. Sun Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering at Drexel University, USA

Human-technology Convergence
Joe Ravetz

Research Fellow at University of Manchester, UK

Introduction to the Session & Discussion Topics
Geci Karuri-Sebina

Research Fellow at Wits School of Governance, South Africa

Foresight Context: Global Transformations, Challenges & Opportunities
Effie Amanatidou

Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Manchester Institute of Innovation Research / University of Manchester, UK

Foresight Agenda: The New Scope for Foresight
Jonathan Larry Calof

Leading Research Fellow at the HSE ISSEK Laboratory for Science and Technology Studies

Foresight Process: Emerging Approaches, Tools & Communities – Collective Human-machine Intelligence
Ian Douglas Miles

Academic Supervisor at the HSE ISSEK Laboratory for Economics of Innovation

Synergy & Synthesis