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Workshop «Foresight 3.0: Literacy for Transformation» in the framework of the UNESCO High-Level Futures Literacy Summit

Event ended

How can Foresight help to steer from crisis to opportunity? Can we design next-generation foresight methods, on the principles of collective intelligence? This interactive workshop explores the scope of a next-generation Foresight-3.0, using the case study of the pandemic.

Each of these questions highlights a different angle:

  • how mapping deeper layers can help to explore ‘deeper opportunities’;
  • how collective intelligence can enable new forms of ‘collective foresight’;
  • how integrated futures literacy can help to run a country;
  • how Foresight-3.0 can build new bridges for science / policy controversies.

This interactive session is one of a series putting together an online book / platform on ‘collective anticipatory intelligence’ — a Foresight-3.0 theory and practice — with the prime case study of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Panel (invited):

  • Ozcan Saritas, HSE University, Russia; Editor of Foresight
  • Joe Ravetz, Manchester Urban Institute, UK
  • Sohail Inayatullah, Metafutures & Tamkang University, Taiwan
  • Bisan Abdulkader, School of Collective Intelligence, UM6P, Morocco
  • Yanuar Nugroho, Presidential Advisor & IPG, Indonesia
  • Fabiana Scapolo, EU-JRC Policy Lab
  • Ian Miles, University of Manchester, UK

Date: Thursday, 10th December, 2020

Time: 10:00 — 11:30  Central European Time (12:00 — 13:30 Moscow Time)

Zoom link

Working language: English

Further information is available on website.

To attend this event, please kindly register at the link below.


The workshop is organised in the framework of a research grant funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (grant ID: 075-15-2020-928).