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Indicators of Innovation in the Russian Federation: Data Book

The data book presents the results of statistical innovation surveys in the Russian Federation. It contains internationally compatible indicators characterizing the level of innovative activity in industry and services. The publication covers statistical data reflecting innovation expenditure and output, co-operational linkages, and factors hampering innovation. Specific chapters are devoted to ecological innovation and innovative activities in the regions of the Russian Federation. International comparisons with a wide range of  innovation indicators are provided as well.

Editorial Board:
Leonid Gokhberg, Yaroslav Kouzminov, Konstantin Laykam, Alexander Naumov, Alexey Ponomarev, and Zinaida Ryzhikova

Svetlana Fridlyanova, Leonid Gokhberg, Natalia Gorodnikova, Galina Gracheva, Irina Kouznetsova, Svetlana Martynova, Tatyana Ratay and Larisa Rosovetskay

With the contributions by:
Valentina Balyukevich, Ludmila Bychkova, Kirill Ditkovskiy, and Evgeniya Popova

The data book includes information of the Federal Service for State Statistics, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, European Commission, Eurostat, national  statistical agencies, and results of own methodological and analytical studies of the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge.

Indicators of Innovation in the Russian Federation : Data Book – M : National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE),
2012. – 472 p. – ISBN 978-5-7218-1256-9.


Publisher's imprint

Main indicators of innovation

  1. Main innovation trends
  2. Innovative activity of enterprises
  3. Technological innovation
  4. Organisational innovation
  5. Marketing innovation
  6. Innovative activities in the regions of the Russian Federations
  7. Ecological innovation
  8. International comparisons

Technical notes

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