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'Science, Technology and Innovations' series

In a series of regular bulletins ('Science, Technology and Innovations') the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge presents new statistical data upon the current state and indicators of Russian science development.

All the 'Science, Technology and Innovations' issues are published on the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge website.

For any comments or new topic proposals, please contact us by email: issek@hse.ru.

     Year 2018 Authors:   
 08/01  #95  Russia in the World Publication Activity Ranking: Social Sciences  Ekaterina Dyachenko  
 07/19 #92  Russia in the World Publication Activity Ranking: Natural Sciences  Ekaterina Dyachenko  
 06/07 #88 Workers for Digital Economy Anna Demianova 
Zinaida Ryzhikova
 03/01 #82 Digital Outlook of Russian Scientists Natalia Shmatko
Galina Volkova
     Year 2017   
 06/21 #56 Innovation Activities of the Knowledge-Intensive Business Services Sector Companies: International Comparison Nikolay Chichkanov
Veronika Belousova
 06/09 #55 E-commerce in Russia Gulnara Abdrakhmanova
Marina Kevesh
 04/05 #47 Researcher's International Mobility Galina Volkova 
 02/21 #41 Social Demand for New Technologies Yury Voynilov 
Konstantin Fursov
 02/10 #39 Russian Intellectual Property Market Trends Ekaterina Streltsova 
 01/18 #36 Cooperation Strategies of Enterprises: the Duration of Collaboration Valeriya Vlasova
Tatiana Kuznetsova
Vitaliy Roud
 01/11 #35 Provision of buildings for Research and Development organisations in Russia Irina Tarasenko 


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